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The Keyholders Program

Our fast track City Immersion Program that delves into topics such as city history, the State of Education, and the future of economic development

SteerFW was formed in 2011 by the Mayor's office in response to the historically low voter turnouts in local elections. Young Professionals from all of over the city were brought in to lead the group and develop strategies to increase voter turnout. These early leaders laid the foundation for our current educational events and engagement opportunties aimed at changing voter perceptions.


Since our humble beginnings, SteerFW has become the local leader in bringing Civic Engagement to the next generation of Fort Worth Citizens. As of 2017, we operate autonomously, outside of the Mayor's office, as a registered 501c3 non-profit. Through a dedicated, non-partisan, all volunteer board, we plan and host all of our own programming and produce our own marketing.

We believe that civic engagement leads to Citizens educated on the issues. Educated Citizens become likely voters. A larger pool of likely voters leads to more representative Leaders. Leadership that reflects all of our Citizens leads to a stronger Fort Worth. 

As an all volunteer group, we rely on donations and sponsors to broaden on our unique and impactful programming. If you have the capactity to help us in our mission, we'd love to hear from you!

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