keep up with steerfw 

Help us clean our section of the Trinity River!

**Breakfast & cleaning supplies provided**

Last time we ended up on a billboard, so we’re aiming higher this time around; how about a Helicopter! Well, we can’t make any guarantees, but we’re partnering with the right people.

Join fellow SteerFW members as we partner with Bell Helicopter’s YP group NexGen on Saturday July 17th to keep our river clean. Because the river wont clean itself, and lets face it, as the 12th largest city in America, we’re bound to attract a few litter bugs along with our growing population.

Dress appropriately for a warm summer morning along the river banks. Sunblock and bug repellent at your discretion. May get wet. 

Meet us at  Ripley Arnold Plaza at 10:00 am to start. 
489 N. Taylor St
Fort Worth, TX 76102

Don’t forget to join us afterwards for some networking at Cowtown Brewery from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm
1301 E Belknap St
Fort Worth, TX 76102

NexGen Cleanup (2).png