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The future of Fort Worth starts with SteerFW

You're invested in your community, but it can be hard to find the right way to get involved. We get it. Being a part of SteerFW means access to everything you care about. Whether your interests lie in local government, volunteering, arts, or anything else, SteerFW is your way to get engaged.


About SteerFW

SteerFW is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization that grows emerging leaders to be civically engaged in Fort Worth, TX. Mayor Betsy Price first established SteerFW in 2011 in response to the low voter turnout rates within the city from citizens in the “young professional” age range, and we became a non-profit entity in 2016. Our primary goal is to foster civic engagement among emerging leaders in Fort Worth and the broader Tarrant County. We're here to be a resource and point of connection to help you understand the best ways to become involved in this city. You might make some great friends along the way, too.

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