SteerFW helps to foster civic engagement in the young professional community

The organization was originally developed by Mayor Betsy Price in 2011, in part because of a lower voter turnout for the under-40 set. In the years since, it's evolved to a standing 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that still operates from a strong relationship with the Mayor and City Council offices.

Kelly Allen Gray

Councilmember, Honorary co-chair

“SteerFW sets a foundation for our young leaders to get involved, be engaged, and help make decisions for the betterment of our communities and the City of Fort Worth. This initiative has been a tremendous asset to the city to solicit and receive feedback from our very diverse community of young leaders on issues that are important to them and to take part in addressing them. I have also enjoyed the energy, passion and enthusiasm that each of the young leaders have exhibited throughout the year. I am so thrilled to serve as a SteerFW honorary chair and look forward to seeing all the great things these leaders will accomplish.”

Betsy Price

mayor, Honorary co-chair

“Fort Worth is a great city, because of the people who call it home. But for a city to be sustainable, its citizens must be engaged — young, old and everyone in between. SteerFW is our link to foster a strong relationship with young people to make a difference in our community. Soon the baton will be passed, and so will the responsibility for the future success of our city. It is my hope that all of us in leadership roles in Fort Worth pay close attention to the voices represented by SteerFW. Their energy, passion and commitment are humbling. I look forward to watching the SteerFW movement snowball in years to come.”