The Tarrant Transit Alliance  – a joint effort between the Fort Worth Transportation Authority and the Real Estate Council of Greater Fort Worth, as well as a formal partnership with Tarrant County College - is a citizen’s advocacy group in support of transit in Tarrant County. Investment in transportation infrastructure, particularly public transit, drives growth. 

Transportation is one of SteerFW's two focus areas for 2018, so we are taking an active role in our city government and communities as we all work together to improve the future of transportation in our city and county.  We are thrilled to be a part of this conversation and to stand with you as a voice for our generation.

We know we are always encouraging you to attend City Council meetings (that *is* sort-of our thing), however, we'd like to give a specific call to our members and followers to attend the City Council Meeting on Tuesday, January 30 - you can RSVP for the Tarrant Transit Alliance Advocacy Day by clicking here

Your presence lets City Council know that access to public transportation and the future of transit is important to you.

We'll share information and data (like the below) about mass transit and public transportation across all our social media platforms over the next several days, so join the discussion on FacebookTwitter, and/or Instagram.  (And, of course, we can discuss it in person when we see you on Tuesday!)